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So we are working on something cool and it is still in it’s early stages of development. Still, I want to give fans of Jivewired and Jivewired Radio a sample of what is to come:  Jivewired TV.

Is there really another site that does what we do?

Jivewired TV will start as a music video channel that will play strictly studio quality videos. Eventually we may add some types of music programing to our schedule, but at least initially it is just going to be non-stop, studio quality music videos by our members.

Eventually we will add studio hosts, aka, veejays, to guide the videos, present music news and offer on-air interviews, but initially it will just be non-stop, studio quality music videos.

We will have a crew at every festival we work with or attend to offer live reports, band interviews and sample concert footage for those of you who can’t attend.

We will do feature label blocks, so you can get the best videos from your favorite bands on our favorite labels.

We also want to incorporate Heartbeat Radi0 in some aspect, as long as we can get some of the artists they air into the Jivewired family as members.  I’d love to have Aris and Sentel hosting a hip-hop, music-video based program that we can air each day.

We may add independent films and video magazine projects, like Matt Phipps’ Skaters’ Atlas program and we will ask about reality-based videos like GROWvision’s Made In 48 and Live From Daryl’s House but there may be rights issues and right now we are not at the stage where we can pay to air programs.  Not yet anyway.  But those days will be here soon enough.

Eventually we will air our first reality series, Magic Bus, on Jivewired TV.

Baby steps — because money will come for both our bands and our company.


We are going to monetize Jivewired TV so that we can drive revenues to the artists we air.  How’s that for being cool?

What we won’t be airing is non-music based programming - so there will be no nonsensical reality-based programing that caters to pre-teens or to those addicted to utter tragedy.

We also will not be airing homemade or non-studio quality videos.  Professionally filmed videos only.  Whether you want to believe it or not, the video is replacing the single, so when you budget your next album, make sure you budget a professional video or two.  Or more.

For those of you asking, yes we will have a Friday Flashback channel, at least for the years that quality videos exist, which is about mid-1970’s and beyond.

And yes, our Monday Mix will feature a grouping of 25 videos from Jivewired members.

We are hoping to launch Jivewired TV in mid-July.  The fist video that we have chosen to air is Sarsaparilla Girl by Dr. Pants, because David Broyles of  Dr. Pants has been with us from the very beginning, back in the old SonicJive days, and has been a strong supporter of what we are trying to accomplish, and has been, since day one.

In the meantime, you can always watch our progress via our YouTube channel, and each Monday, starting tomorrow, we will embed a loop of 25 videos.  An example of what we will be offering follows.  Thanks for listening for the last year or so via Jivewired Radio.  And thanks for welcoming us into your homes and offices via Jivewired TV.  For the life of us, we still don’t understand why Music Television got out of the music business.  We’ll take it from here.

To see the loop of the following 25 videos just press play in the video player above.  We are very excited about this.  Very excited indeed.

This Week’s Video Playlist:

01. Sarsaparilla Girl by Dr. Pants
02. Give It [Live] by Lambchop
03. Like A Video by Rachael Pearl
04. Stranger by Lovebettie
05. I Remember A Boy by Shannon LaBrie
06. Ain’t No Stranger by Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
07. Hoka Hey by The Outer Vibe
08. Devil by Well Hung Heart
09. Desperate Heart by Gram Rabbit
10. Electromagnetic Force by The Wanton Looks
11. Meet The Plural Esses via INDMUSIC
12. Drunk In The Day by Wally Dogger
13. Dum Dum Dah Dah by The Nghiems
14. One Step At A Time by Mike Zito
15. Sunday by Jet West
16. In The Dark by The Iveys
17. Hold On by Alabama Shakes
18. Gila by Beach House
19. Lazarus by The Deer Tracks
20. Take Your Medicine by The Quick & Easy Boys
21. My Love Wont Wait by Two Gallants
22. Midnight City by M83
23. Friends Of Friends by Hospitality
24. Grrr by Andy Palmer
25. Orange Blossoms by JJ Grey & Mofro
26. Reagan by Killer Mike

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